Is Winter a Good Time to Buy?

You’ve probably heard that the real estate market hits it peak in spring and summer, when kids are out of school and families... 

January 17 2019
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2019 Home Design Trends

Happy New Year! It’s 2019 – are you ready for a home décor re-boot? It’s that time of year when many homeowners want... 

January 15 2019
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Embrace Wabi-Sabi at Home This Year

Are you exhausted from trying to live your best, most perfect life? Then maybe it’s time to embrace the Japanese concept... 

January 10 2019
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Bad Cleaning Habits

The New Year is here! For many homeowners, that means cleaning and organizing to start 2019 off on a good foot. Although... 

January 8 2019
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Fireplace Maintenance and Safety

Is there anything cozier than a wood-burning fireplace on a cold winter’s night? Maybe it’s what sold you on our current... 

January 2 2019
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Title Vs. Deed

If you’re buying a home, then you’ve probably heard the terms “title” and “deed.” While these words are often... 

December 27 2018
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Skipping a Mortgage Payment

The holiday season usually brings with it additional expenses. In fact, if you’re not careful, you may discover that you’ve... 

December 26 2018
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2019 Resolutions for Home Sellers

Is selling your home on your to-do list for 2019? While selling a home can be a big undertaking, it’s much easier if you... 

December 20 2018
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What is a credit freeze?

Are you worried about having your sensitive financial information stolen over the holidays? Then you may be considering... 

December 18 2018
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Buy a Home Perfect For Entertaining

It’s the holiday season, which means at some point you’ll probably be entertaining in your home in the next few weeks.... 

December 13 2018
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Easy Holiday Decorating

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season? If you’re buying or selling a home now or in the near future,... 

December 11 2018
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