Christ’s Haven For Children

On a professional basis, Mike was the auctioneer in the sale of a home for Christ’s Haven for Children, Inc., in 1992. Mr. Holmes was very thorough in evaluating and grouping the contents of the home. In conducting the auction of the contents, he effectively organized the sale, moved the bidders from area to area while maintaining a cordial, yet professional relationship with the bidders, and effectively brought to a close the bids on each item/set of items. Mike was also very effective in the sale of the house itself. He was responsible for collecting and registering the payments of the various bidders. He had been very helpful to our staff in the entire organization of the sale, advertising, and other elements of a sale from start to finish. This led us to use him to action barbeque at our annual Homecoming for several years.

I feel Mr. Holmes to be of outstanding character from another association as well. He and his family have served as sponsors for children at Christ’s Haven who go into their home for a weekend every month. References attested to their character before they began this work six and a half years ago. They have been outstanding in their work with our children.

Thus, I would highly recommend Mr. Holmes both as an auctioneer and as a person of high moral character.


Glenn E . Reynolds Superintendent

Christ’s Haven For Children

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