Mary of Puddin Hill

This letter is to recommend Mike Holmes to you. He worked for me as assistant manager of our Town East seasonal retail store in the fall of 1999. His responsibilities included opening the store five days a week, stocking, inventory management, customer service and sales.

Mike could always be counted on to do the job. I never had to Worry about Whether the store would be open on tune or if things would be done properly on his shift. He Was meticulous about the details–samples Were always out and presented attractively, displays were full and appealing, catalogs and materials were in place–in short, everything was as we expected it to be. ‘

Mike has a friendly personality that resulted in sales. On the days that I was in the store, I noticed that he greeted every customer as they came in the door. He also encouraged them to try the samples. answered questions and even volunteered information about products, directing customers to look at something he thought he could sell to them. And he usually could! l enjoyed watching him in action.

But perhaps the best example of Mike’s conscientiousness came on a day just before Christmas when he Woke up sick. The store manager was GUI, of pocket that. morning, so he turned to me for help. Due to a mix—up with our answering service, I didn’t get the message that he was in bed with a virus until about 45 minutes before the store was to open, and I lived an hour’s drive from the store. Mike got out of bed and made it to the store in time to get it opened until I could get the situation handled. That’s taking responsibility for a job!

Because the store was in Town East for the holiday period only, it was closed just after Christmas. However, Mike would be subject to rehire in my book any time!


Pud Kearns

Dallas Retall Supeivisor


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